Emmy®-winning investigative journalist Chris Hansen is the new host of Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen. Bringing his signature headline-making investigations to the Emmy®-nominated Crime Watch Daily from his newly revamped Hansen vs. Predator series, the veteran journalist aims to take down criminals and predators of all types. Hansen is also the host of Investigation Discovery’s (ID) Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, now entering its second season. Known for his work on Dateline NBC and its trademark “To Catch a Predator” segment, Hansen was previously an anchor and investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate, WDIV-TV, in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, he reported for Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ-TV, and the Tampa, Florida NBC affiliate, WFLA-TV. A graduate of Michigan State University, Hansen has received numerous accolades during his illustrious career including eight Emmy® awards for excellence in journalism, as well as awards from both the Associated Press and United Press International and four Edward R. Murrow awards. Follow Hansen on Twitter @chrishansen.


Michelle Sigona is an Emmy Award®-winning producer and reporter who specializes in missing persons and fugitive cases. She is a former national correspondent for the FOX primetime show, America's Most Wanted, and Deadline: Crime on the Investigation Discovery network. She also more recently served as the daily reporter for CBS News, the 48 Hours Crimesider franchise, where in addition to her live reporting duties, she worked within the 48 Hours development and planning unit producing long-form cases. She has covered hundreds of major news stories including 9/11, the anthrax attacks on Washington and the D.C. sniper murders. Sigona was also on the ground in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 when the community suffered a tragic elementary school shooting, and Sigona broke news from the crime scene at the Aurora movie theatre shootings in Colorado.

Appearing regularly on major news networks across the board, Sigona maintains strong connections to law enforcement. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Sigona is a volunteer firefighter in her community and lives just outside Washington, D.C. with Charlie Lisko and their daughter. Follow Sigona on Twitter @MichelleSigona.

JASON MATTERA Correspondent

Jason Mattera is an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of three books and an Emmy-nominated journalist famous for his hard-hitting interviews. Before joining Crime Watch Daily, Jason served as the youngest editor of a national periodical, HUMAN EVENTS, and as a broadcaster with the legendary NewsTalkRadio 77 WABC in New York City. His takedown videos have garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube, becoming Internet legends. POLITICO named Jason Washington, D.C.’s “bad boy reporter” for his dogged confrontations of politicians in the nation’s capital.

Jason’s a Brooklyn native who currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. Follow Jason on Twitter @JasonMattera, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

ANA GARCIA Correspondent

Ana Garcia is an Emmy Award®-winning investigative journalist from Los Angeles. Her unique storytelling style has earned Ana eight Emmys, 10 Golden Mikes, and she's been named TV Journalist of the Year a record five times by the Los Angeles Press Club. Ana’s hidden camera investigations while at NBCLA exposed sex trafficking, political corruption and consumer cons. Her stories have led to several changes in federal, state and local laws to protect consumers. Ana hosts a political podcast and writes travel stories for The Huffington Post. Follow Garcia on Twitter @AnaGNews, Facebook, and Instagram.