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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Was the person who killed Daniel Shaver a trigger-happy cop or an officer afraid for his life? Did the response match the threat, and does the punishment fit the crime? Plus, seven dead in six months, and now the murderer responsible, Connecticut's most prolific serial killer William Devin Howell, is spilling his secrets.
The shocking police video is sparking nationwide debate: newly released body-cam footage of officers responding to a potential shooter in a hotel. How did an unarmed 26-year-old father of two go from hanging out in his hotel room to dead in the hallway?
A rare glimpse inside the mind of a serial killer: A self-confessed monster who left a trail of bodies in Connecticut talks for the first time on television about his horrible crimes. They are acts that can only be described as pure evil. But as we were about to find out, the man who committed them is not so easily defined.
On the outside, Commander Russell Williams was the perfect military man, even trusted to fly the prime minister. However, Williams was living a dark double life. Cops are investigating the savage sexual assaults of two women who had their bras and panties stolen. But the attacker didn't stop there.
People often say you can't help who you fall in love with. Just how did a murder in small-town Mississippi become a national news story and a federal crime? From the beginning, who killed Mercedes Williamson was not a mystery. Why though? Well, that's a whole other story.
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