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This week on Crime Watch Daily: During her walk home after work one night, Ketie Jones was singing and dancing and posting non-stop photos to friends. Minutes later she was dead. No witnesses -- no fingerprints -- no motive. Police in Charlotte, North Carolina need the public's help to solve a senseless murder. Who killed Ketie Jones?
A Pennsylvania teen thought it was over between her and her high-school boyfriend. But he had other ideas. His obsession with her went from creepy to criminal during a vicious late-night attack. Karen Widdoss was literally left for dead.
There are two very different portraits being painted of Tracy Fortson: One, a struggling single mom who became the first female deputy in her county; the other, a calculating killer who encased her victim's body in concrete. It's a grim and controversial murder case that simply refuses to die.
The entire town of Hope Mills, North Carolina was in a frantic search to find 15-year-old Danielle Locklear. The family had a weird feeling whoever took her might still be in their midst. “I learned a long time ago there's no such thing as a coincidence,” said the police chief.
He was a well-respected multimillionaire, and popular with the ladies. In fact no one we talked to could or would say a bad thing about him. But hiding in the shadows was someone who wanted him dead. Who killed Henry Gutierrez?
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