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This week on Crime Watch Daily: The world knew Monika Burgett as a doctor and a doting mother, one who would do anything to help her son battle cancer. She told the world her baby boy had cancer. She convinced physicians and even her own husband that she was a doctor. But Burgett was a wolf in mom's clothing, defrauding friends and family out of at least $40,000. Burgett agreed to sit down and tell us everything in an exclusive interview.
A young girl faced the ultimate betrayal -- but she won't let that define her. In fact, her fight to get justice is truly inspirational. Now Samantha Killary tells Crime Watch Daily her harrowing story, and recounts the courage it took to pursue justice, even when the sexual deviant is her own father, a retired police officer.
Some big developments in a high-profile death: A young woman found hanging at a multimillion-dollar mansion. Suicide? Or something darker? Now the dead beauty's family has a date next month in civil court. They say they've got new evidence that Rebecca Zahau was murdered.
Ashlee Rucker knew she needed out. She told her family how her ex-boyfriend had beaten her repeatedly. But she loved him nearly as much as she feared him. Rucker's family is sharing her story, hoping it helps save the life of another woman stuck in the very same situation.
A rising star in the Louisiana legal community is snuffed out in the middle of a high-profile murder case. Chiquita Tate was the kind of defense attorney you wanted on your side, tirelessly working for her clients to get justice. The vicious attack took place right in the middle of her law office.
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