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This week on Crime Watch Daily: It was sunny Super Bowl Sunday in Clearwater, Florida. Rebecca Fenton came into the house after a workout and found the blood-drenched body of her husband Larry shot dead on the floor. The mysterious murder shattered the city's seaside serenity and brought a tragic end to an ill-fated marriage worthy of a TV movie. The former escort turned fairytale-marriage wife speaks out on the case from behind bars.
Thomas Brown had everything going for him. He was class president of his high school, he was well-liked, and he even earned two state titles playing football. Then on the night before Thanksgiving, he suddenly vanished. Did Thomas Brown simply run away, as some people in Canadian, Texas think -- or did someone make him disappear?
Beautiful 18-year-old Desirea Ferris had inexplicably vanished in the kind of unholy place angels like her would normally fear to tread. And it would take another angel who once walked on the wild side to penetrate a dark and dangerous underworld and unravel the mystery of Desirea's disappearance.
'Cadet Killer' Diane Zamora wants to set the record straight in a Crime Watch Daily exclusive, claiming it's the first time she's told the real side of her story. Zamora offers explosive new information about the night her love rival was murdered. And 'human lie-detector' Stan Walters analyzes Zamora's interview and tell us what he thinks.
Cary Owsley's death has been ruled a suicide from a single bullet fired into his chest. His family is convinced he did not pull the trigger. Crime Watch Daily talked to a forensic investigator who took interest in the case, and he's walking us through everything, detail by detail, of what he thinks happened that deadly day.
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