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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Every year 240 million calls are made to 911. And oftentimes that conversation can be the difference between life and death. Such was the case when Deanna Cook picked up her cellphone and frantically pushed those three buttons. The story of Deanna Cook's tragic Dallas death has sparked major changes in the way all emergencies are now handled in the state of Texas.
The topic of workplace harassment continues to make headlines daily. Crime Watch Daily has the story of an overly aggressive male boss, his frightened pregnant employee, and a celebratory night that would end in murder.
From a drug store parking lot on a night in March 2011 comes a frantic 911 call.A violent showdown between two men vying for the attention of a blonde named Kandi. Cops arrive to find the woman hysterical and two men shot.
Beautiful 18-year-old Desirea Ferris had inexplicably vanished in the kind of unholy place angels like her would normally fear to tread. And it would take another angel who once walked on the wild side to penetrate a dark and dangerous underworld and unravel the mystery of Desirea's disappearance.
In a busy restaurant full of diners eating breakfast, no one knew a killer sat among them, drinking hot tea and delivering a cold and callous confession of murder. It's the Deerfield, Illinois story of a star NFL player, the women who loved him, and a gruesome murder.
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