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This week on Crime Watch Daily: For months you've heard the horrible things Dr. Larry Nassar did to young women -- some of them Olympic gold medalists. We won't be focusing on Nassar himself. His time is up. Instead, Elizabeth Smart is shining the spotlight on the incredible survivors who helped put the predator where he most certainly belongs.
It's one of the most anticipated murder trials ever in the state of Tennessee: A church deacon and the widow of former pro basketball player Lorenzen Wright have been charged in the murder of the NBA star, who was slain in a hail of bullets believed to be fired by two suspects.
“If anything in my useless life comes out, help the little girls today not to be the premature corpses of tomorrow.” Sean Vincent Gillis’s calling cards were far more brutal, gruesome and cruel than Baton Rouge had ever seen before.
Clay Waller had just made a deal to spare him life in prison: 20 years and he would lead investigators to his murdered wife Jacque. However, Waller had another secret up his sleeve -- one that turns the stomachs of just about everyone following the case.
“He grabbed a little doll and he wrapped it in a little blanket, and he started pounding on it, saying 'Mommy, mommy,'” said the prosecutor. And finally the poor kid points the finger at his own father: “'Daddy killed mommy.'”
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