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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Niqui McCown's daughter, 9 at the time her mother vanished, is now 26 with a child of her own. What does Niqui's family have to say to a local woman who cops think may hold the answers to Niqui's baffling disappearance? “I know he told you something. To clear your conscience -- you're supposed to be a Christian now -- go ahead and get right with God, get right with us.”
He made millions of dollars appear, then disappear. But Darren Berg was no magic man -- the feds say he was a con man. And now the man who has been dubbed “Mini Madoff” has managed to make himself vanish after escaping prison.
A preschool teacher retires after years on the job, ready for the next phase in her life. Sadly, her life was taken far too soon. Did Nanette Krentel try to rescue her pets? Was it a suicide by fire? Or was the blaze intentionally set to cover up a murder?
For several tense days, it wasn't clear if Marti Hill would live or die. In those same days, it also wasn't clear just exactly who tried to kill her. “It was the worst crime scene that I had ever been involved in,” said the detective on the case.
One hero wasn't just battling deadly Hurricane Harvey in Houston -- he was also battling his own deadly terminal illness. “He could have retired right after he had his diagnosis, but he's chosen to keep working and keep doing what he loves, which is being a police officer.”
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