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This week on Crime Watch Daily: College student Jessie Blodgett had just wrapped a performance of Fiddler on the Roof. But what happened in the next several hours left friends of the gifted actress and musician in shock -- and police searching for the mystery attacker who killed her. “I think he wanted to kill someone and she was available.”
In the small town of Trenton, Missouri, everyone knows everyone. And everyone also has a theory on what really happened to a young father named Tanner Ward.
They were the picture of an all-American family: The loving husband and the doting wife raising two kids in a charming Southern California town. But when you looked closer -- things weren't what they appeared.
A Crime Watch Daily exclusive: For the very first time, we are getting to see 250 pages of hate, jealousy and revenge, a manuscript for murder written by a suspect plotting a mission to kill the one person he believes ruined his life.
The Jasper County, Georgia Sheriff's Office invites Crime Watch Daily along on a crackdown targeting alleged sex predators.
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