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This week on Crime Watch Daily: The San Diego County Sheriff's Department this week announced it would undertake a fresh review of the Rebecca Zahau case after the woman was found dead in 2011, hanging from the balcony of a mansion. Her case was ruled a suicide, but a civil trial jury found the woman's boyfriend's brother liable for her death and awarded her family more than $5 million.
Troy Turner waits, hoping Catherine Hoggle will eventually be found mentally competent to stand trial -- and more importantly, finally tell him what really happened to his two children.
Byron Smith admits to investigators that he shot two teens inside his house, but he says he was just protecting his home after a rash of recent burglaries in the area. Was he justified, or did he go too far?
A special team of investigators with hundreds of thousands of hours on the job believes they are closer than ever to catching a killer who has haunted Oklahoma for years. Who killed 16-year-old Dena Dean?
Janel Boer claims her estranged husband Greg Boer, who family members call an expert marksman, shot at her three times before putting the gun to his own head. Not everyone believes her story.
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