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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested this week in the decades-long “Golden State Killer” case. The former police officer was arrested at his home in the suburbs of Sacramento, California. Authorities said he had been identified as a suspect due to developments within the previous six days and was linked through DNA. Friday, the Sacramento County D.A.'s Office said DNA collected from crime scenes was compared to online profiles on a genealogy website.
Bill Cosby was convicted Thursday of sexually violating Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004. News outlets have asked the judge in the case to make public the names of the jurors. The judge did not detail why names have not yet been released.
Cops find a jaw-dropping digital clue in Chris Coleman's computer. It's an X-rated video. Sheri and her two young sons were found strangled to death in their home, which was spray-painted with ominous messages inside.
After discovering two teens hanging out with his girlfriend without his permission, Jerrod Baum drove them to an abandoned mineshaft, where Breezy was forced to witness the beating and stabbing of her boyfriend before she had her throat cut and was also thrown into the open pit.
“She came in right away, blaming the guy. My wife did that to me, and it wasn't right, it wasn't true. I got the chainsaw and cut her up. I wanted her to pay like I paid for what my wife did to me.”
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