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This week on Crime Watch Daily: What happened to Wendy Hudakoc? Two decades later, the mystery of what happened to the missing teenager haunts everyone who loved her. Could two men hold the key to learning Wendy's fate? And is one of them her killer?
Thomas and Jackie Hawks were living the life they always dreamed of: sailing the Pacific Ocean for nearly two years on their yacht. The brand-new grandparents were still alive when the 50-pound anchor plummeted to the bottom of the sea, dragging the helpless couple straight down.
Nobody may have ever uncovered the terrible truth about Angie Yarnell if it hadn't been for her courageous and tenacious mom Marianne Asher-Chapman, who was already fighting throat cancer when she suddenly found herself waging yet another battle to learn what really happened to her daughter.
Eric Williams was the most unlikely of suspects. It wasn't just his friendly babyface -- the married 46-year-old was a former National Guardsman, a one-time member of the Kaufman County Chamber of Commerce, and a justice of the peace. And that's not all.
A high-profile case in New York that involves an adventurous couple out enjoying their kayaking passion, a terrible tragedy, and a controversial ending that has some wondering if the truth will ever surface.
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