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This week on Crime Watch Daily: An affair, a pregnancy, a murder, a plea. The woman at the center of a headline-grabbing mystery in Washington state is finally ready to tell all. But some are still wondering if what she's saying is really the truth.
A successful businessman and his new bride were targeted for death right at their condominium. “What the case was all about was a young couple that were just starting their lives together and had to come to this end for no reason but Christopher Rivers' greed.”
Two brothers are in love with the same woman. And this all-in-the-family love triangle finally comes to an explosive showdown, leaving one of the brothers lying shot dead in a tragic, modern-day Cain and Abel murder.
Just over 24 hours after 5-year-old Brittany was kidnapped and her babysitter was murdered, special agents knew they were close to finding her. What they didn't know: Would she be dead, or alive?
These are not your typical twins. They went from driving matching Porsches in West Palm Beach, Florida to driving off a cliff in Maui. What happened in between was a toxic trip into darkness.
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