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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Did Cheyann Klus just skip town and leave her friends and family in Chicago? Or is something more sinister at play? Twelve days after Cheyann vanished someone using her phone dials 911, but before the operator can say a word, the caller hangs up. For months, Cheyann's family has held on to desperate hope.
Everyone in Ohio has been moved by Reagan Tokes' story -- especially the investigators who worked so hard to bring her killer to justice. At the time of Reagan's murder, her attacker was wearing a court-ordered GPS ankle monitor because of a prior violent offense.
Darryl Fornatora made a living as a local tennis coach in Florida. He also had a passion for surfing. And his love of the waves took him to the beaches of the Dominican Republic for a Caribbean adventure of surfing and fun in the sun. But he never came home.
It was far from the perfect crime -- but a seemingly random murder just outside Baltimore would stump detectives for years. Eleven long years after Heidi Bernadzikowski was savagely murdered, the technology catches up with the police work.
In Middleburg, Florida, just outside Jacksonville, a family is fighting to reopen the investigation into the death of a young girl that was ruled a suicide. Our forensics expert weighs in.
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