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This week on Crime Watch Daily: A beautiful single mother and nurse goes missing. Did she simply walk away from everyone she loved? Or did someone make that decision for her? Only one clue surfaces: a driver caught on camera. Where is Peggy McGuire?
The young man at the center of a high-profile Texas case is breaking his silence. And he says everything you've read about him is not true. In an exclusive Crime Watch Daily interview, Tyler Quain says you haven't heard the whole story.
Ash Rowell was a big guy with a huge personality who made millions selling craft beer. But with success came conflict -- and eventually murder. Ash's wife Lesli Rowell talks exclusively to Crime Watch Daily.
A family's peaceful holiday gathering is suddenly gate-crashed by a murderous maniac with an assault rifle. But police can't get there in time to save three generations of innocent women and children from being slaughtered.
It's a twisted turned toxic love triangle, featuring a bitter wife who loved money, a beautiful scheming girlfriend who loved someone else's husband, and a wealthy foot doctor who was about to step in it.
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