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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Right now, in prisons all over America, there are convicted murderers who swear they are innocent. Sadly, we know some of them are telling the truth. Nobody knows that better than Michigan man Desmond Ricks.
Crime Watch Daily exclusive interview: Alvin Banks, the man at the center of a controversial shooting death in Virginia, breaks his silence about what he says really happened inside his home.
Homicide detectives in DeKalb County, Georgia need your help. Two grieving families need closure. Can a fresh look at two eerily similar cold cases breathe new life into the investigations?
On a warm July day in Boston, recent college graduate Lena Bruce has her windows open trying to deal with the heat. Little does she know that she's given a killer all he needs to end her life.
A controversial shooting death in Oklahoma is caught on video. A woman who runs a bail bonds agency opens fire on one of her clients right in front of her young son. Watch it for yourself and see if you think what she did was a crime.
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